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Dogs make wonderful companion animals and are often regarded as another member of the family by those who own and care for them. However, not all dogs come from loving homes, and abused animals can lash out unexpectedly. Similarly, some dogs are trained from birth to be fighting dogs or vicious guard dogs, and all too often such canines end up attacking human beings, causing major injuries that could require expensive reconstructive surgery after the fact. When this happens, the dog’s owner or handler can be held liable in civil court for the damages to persons or property that happened because of their dog. If you or a loved one were attacked by a dog and want to speak to a dog bite lawyer in Allentown about taking legal action in civil court, contact the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. to discuss your options under the law.

Does breed matter?

Breed can play a role in how prone to attack a given dog may be, although it is not the only characteristic that can influence how bite-prone a canine is. Some toy breeds are considered to be more naturally aggressive, such as Chihuahuas. However, even these naturally energetic, aggressive breeds of dogs can be taught to behave around people and other dogs by a caring owner who enrolls them in obedience training.

Aggression is not the sole factor in dog injury

Although some breeds may be more likely to engage in aggressive behavior, aggression is not the main factor that impacts how damaging a dog bite can be. The dog’s size and strength matter more in dog attacks than how aggressive their breed has a reputation for being. After all, a Rottweiler that weighs more than 100 pounds is going to have a more powerful bite and be able to cause more serious damage in an attack than a tiny chihuahua who cannot reach past an adult human’s kneecap.

Dog bite facts

The American Veterinary Medical Association published a literature review in 2014 on the role of breed in dog attacks. Their findings showed that German Shepherd dogs, mixed-breed dogs and pit bulls were the breeds most commonly implicated in major bite injuries. Pit bulls were most common in fatal attacks, possibly due to their tendency to be trained for use as fighting dogs (and thus, undergoing abuse from owners).

Our attorneys can help

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. are available if you need a dog bite lawyer in Allentown. The horrific damage that can result from dog attacks does not have to go unanswered—your family deserves justice after a dog bite. Our attorneys specialize in handling dog attack litigation claims, and we want to help you pursue the recovery of damages. Damages are calculated and given a monetary value based on factors such as the extent of injuries, cost of medical care related to injury treatment, and pain and suffering endured due to the injuries. These damages may then be paid out to you in the form of financial compensation, and we will fight to get you every dollar you are entitled to under the law. Call today for a free case evaluation.