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Consumers expect that the products they buy at retail outlets will function as advertised, and they certainly do not expect those products to cause them to become hurt or ill if operated according to manufacturer’s instructions. However, in all too many cases, defective or downright dangerous products are made available for sale when the manufacturer or retailer knows full well these products are not fit for the shelves they sit on. In these cases, innocent consumers waste money on a pile of junk or worse, on a product that will cause them or their family members to become injured. If a product you bought was defective or malfunctioned in a way that led to injury—or even just serious disappointment—and you want to talk to a product liability lawyer in Allentown about your legal options, contact the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. for a free consultation today.

Product liability laws govern what is fit for sale to consumers

Manufacturers and retailers owe consumers a duty of care, meaning that they are obligated to only sell products that are fit for consumption. For example, if a grocer sells produce or meat that they know to have been contaminated by a toxin because they value consumer dollars more than consumer welfare and safety, the grocer can be held liable for any illness or injury resulting from the consumption of those products. Similarly, if a manufacturer knows that a child’s product they are selling under a “non-toxic” label contains ingredients known to be harmful to human health but sells those products in the hopes that the harmful ingredients will go unnoticed by retailers or consumers in order to cash in, that manufacturer can be held responsible for the injuries, illnesses or deaths that result from consumers buying and using their products.

What does NOT fall under the realm of product liability?

In some cases, consumers can come to harm from a product in a way that does not qualify them to file a lawsuit under product liability laws. For example, if a consumer buys a product and then operates it or modifies it in a manner that is not in line with normal operating instructions (i.e., modifying a butane torch to produce a larger flame) and the consumer is then injured or made ill, the manufacturer cannot be held liable for those injuries or illnesses because they did not suggest or intend for those improper operations or modifications of their product.

We can help with your product liability claim

At the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., we have a thorough knowledge of product liability law, and we put it to use helping disappointed and injured consumers get the compensation they deserve. If you need a product liability lawyer in Allentown, contact us for a free consultation. We will fight to get you a cash settlement or a courtroom win for your product liability case. Call or click now to learn more about how we can put our legal expertise to work for you.