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Whenever someone we care about passes away, it causes tremendous grief and a sense of emptiness and loss. These painful feelings can be compounded when a loved one’s life is lost because of someone else’s actions, or their failure to act. Too many people die before their time through no fault of their own, and these deaths may be considered wrongful deaths in the eyes of the civil courts. If your loved one passed away and you believe their death was due to someone else’s negligence and you want to talk about your legal options with a wrongful death attorney in Allentown, contact the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. to discuss your case.

What is wrongful death?

A death may be considered wrongful if it could have been prevented if another party had acted in a reasonable manner. Wrongful deaths place the liability onto a party that is deemed to have been responsible in some way for the death of another party. These liable parties may then be compelled to take legal responsibility for the wrongful death in court.

The role of negligence in wrongful death cases

Negligence can involve either action or inaction. For example, if a doctor fails to recognize blatant signs of fatal illness (signs that any competent doctor would have taken note of) in a patient and thus fails to treat that illness and the patient dies, the patient’s family may sue the doctor for wrongful death. This failure to recognize and act on the part of the doctor is considered an act of negligence. In another example, a person who is speeding on the freeway and is driving so fast that they are unable to break in time when traffic comes to a complete stop due to a preexisting traffic accident scene up ahead and they rear-end another vehicle and that vehicle’s driver dies, the speeding person’s rash actions could also be considered negligence, and that speeding driver could be sued for wrongful death.

Wrongful death examples

It is an unfortunate fact that many examples of wrongful death exist. Here are more examples of wrongful death cases:

  • Nursing home neglect or abuse resulting in death
  • Hospital staff neglect
  • Child neglect
  • Reckless driving resulting in accident fatality

We can help your family get the closure you deserve

Although nothing can truly make up for the suffering and loss caused by losing a loved one, at the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. we believe that helping families get justice in the civil courts can help to bring about a sense of closure. Your family could qualify to receive financial compensation from the party that was liable for your loved one’s death, and we are ready to stand up and advocate for your family in civil court to make sure you get every dollar you are entitled to by law. The cash award your family receives could be used to help pay for funerary costs or outstanding medical bills and even daily living expenses, which can help to ease the financial strain experienced by many families coping with a relative’s wrongful death. Call us today for a cost-free consultation.