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Last week on I-95, a 34-year-old man was driving his Acura southbound in the early morning hours. He has three women and one man inside the vehicle with him. For reasons yet to be determined by police, the driver stopped the car in the right lane of the highway. That was when they were struck […]

Mar 15, 2019
Greg Prosmushkin

In a breaking and developing story, we are learning that former Philadelphia homicide detective Philip Nordo, 52, is being accused of serious sexual misconduct. According to prosecutors, Nordo has had a pattern of misconduct spanning nearly a decade. It has been revealed in a grand jury presentment that he allegedly groomed and sexually assaulted male […]

Mar 09, 2019
Greg Prosmushkin

We know that we bring you plenty of statistics about vehicle accidents in and around Philadelphia on a regular basis. We may seem like a broken record, but it is important that you understand the dangers around the city so you can better protect yourself and your family. Now, we have even more data that […]

Mar 08, 2019
Greg Prosmushkin

We have learned of an accident involving a SEPTA trolley, a paratransit bus, and another vehicle that has left 27 people injured. The crash happened near the intersection of 41st Street and Chester Avenue. A spokesperson for SEPTA says that their trolley was struck after a CCT Connect bus and another car collided. We know […]

Mar 02, 2019
Greg Prosmushkin

On January 5, Matthew Oropeza took his two dogs to the Gold Star Park in South Philadelphia. Like he usually did, he let them run unleashed. This did not sit well with Drew Justice who, along with his fiancée, were walking their dog on the outside of the park. According to statements made to law […]

Mar 01, 2019
Greg Prosmushkin

Getting into any kind of car accident is tragic. Whether it is a fender bender with more property damage than bodily injury or a multiple car pile up with potential fatalities, it is so important to call the police when any kind of vehicle accident occurs. When the police arrive they will assess the situation […]

Feb 23, 2019
Greg Prosmushkin

We have learned that a pregnant woman who was involved in a crash with a suspected drunk driver has given birth. The crash happened on February 4 at around 2:40 a.m. at the intersection of Haverford and Overbook avenues. Authorities say that a man and a pregnant woman were in a Chevy pickup truck at […]

Feb 22, 2019
Greg Prosmushkin

At the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., we are skilled Philadelphia DUI accident attorneys so we see many different types of cases and understand the tragedy of these crashes. However, there are times when even we are left wondering what went wrong with the system. When we heard that a man who had five […]

Feb 16, 2019
Greg Prosmushkin

Over the past few months, Philadelphia has experienced a number of dangerous dog shootings in which police officers have resorted to shooting dogs to stop attacks on officers, other people, and other dogs. Philadelphia dog attack attorneys know how serious dog attacks can be and the consequences can be devastating, even deadly. Common injuries sustained […]

Feb 15, 2019
Greg Prosmushkin

People don’t make the best decisions. Sometimes they make downright bad decisions. Unfortunately, these bad decisions are typically made because someone is under the influence. Addiction is a huge problem in the united states. Much attention has been brought to the opioid epidemic, but the tried and true alcoholism is still just as lethal. People […]

Feb 09, 2019
Greg Prosmushkin