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Theft from a motor vehicle is the taking of an item or items which do not belong to you from a car, with the intent to keep them. For instance, if a person reaches into an unlocked car they do not own and do not have permission to use of be in, and takes a cell phone charger for themselves, they can be charged with theft from a motor vehicle.

Car theft is a serious crime to be accused of and can lead to various legal consequences. Many acts of car theft result in serious misdemeanor or felony charges, leading the accused individual to face costly fines and an incarnation sentence. In the event that you have been charged with auto theft, you may wish to contact a lawyer for legal guidance. An experienced attorney can help assist you with the various statues and laws involved in this particular crime. The criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin can provide you with expert legal representation and can effectively mount a defense for your case.

Pennsylvania courts treat this in two ways: as a regular Theft offense and as a theft from a motor vehicle. Like many other Theft offenses, Theft from a Motor Vehicle is graded depending on the value of the items taken.

Often, prosecutors and police will charge both Theft and theft from a motor vehicle. Prosecutors and police have an incentive to charge you with theft from a motor vehicle: after your third offense, you can be charged with a felony, regardless of the value of the items. As such, it is crucial to know what you are charged with.

The Pennsylvania Legislature has enacted the following statute applying to Thefts from a Motor Vehicle:

§ 3934. Theft from a Motor Vehicle.

  1. Offense defined.–A person commits the offense of theft from a motor vehicle if he unlawfully takes or attempts to take possession of, carries away or exercises unlawful control over any movable property of another from a motor vehicle with the intent to deprive him thereof
  2. Grading
    1. An offense under this section is
      1. A misdemeanor of the third degree if the amount involved was less than $50, or
      2. A misdemeanor of the second degree if the amount involved was $50 or more but less than $200, or
      3. A misdemeanor of the first degree if the amount involved was greater than $200
    2. When the offense is a third or subsequent offense within a five-year period, regardless of the amount involved and regardless of the grading of the prior offenses, an offense under this section is a felony of the third degree

Contact an Attorney Today to Identify Your Options

Every case and situation is different. If you are charged with theft from a motor vehicle, you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorneys to discuss your case. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can advise you on whether it is more advantageous to fight or to negotiate an appropriate plea agreement. An experienced criminal defense attorney can also tell you whether there are any issues with the case you can use to fight the charges. The Criminal Defense Lawyers at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. have decades of experience in defending those accused of crimes. If you have been accused of theft from a motor vehicle, contact us today for a free consultation.

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