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Philadelphia Child Support Lawyer

Domestic issues are among the most difficult and emotionally stressful issues you can face – none more so than those involving the welfare of your children. Hiring an experienced child support attorney will help you to handle the legal and financial turmoil involved in a child support dispute.

Child Support Duration

Paying child support is a long term commitment, one which does not end until the child reaches 18 years of age or is emancipated in Pennsylvania; while in New Jersey payments may continue for children beyond the age of 18, as long as they are enrolled in college, or several other reasons. This is a significant financial endeavor for which you will both desire and need an expert child support lawyer.

Child Support Determination

The cost of child support is determined by the state, through the use of a relatively complex equation, taking into account:

  • Parental income
  • Child Custody
  • The number of children
  • Earning capacity
  • A number of other factors

Each situation is unique, which leads to significant variance in outcome, depending on the specific circumstances.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

An experienced lawyer can carefully and accurately analyze a child support case, and arrive at an accurate estimate with which to begin negotiations. By negotiating, you can hopefully avoid taking the matter to court, thereby saving yourself both time and money in the long run. Remember, even though the state you live in has a set of guidelines and formulas by which to arrive at child support figures, once the matter goes before a judge, the outcome can vary significantly, depending largely on how knowledgeable and skillful your attorney is. Therefore, you need a knowledgeable experienced attorney who will negotiate the best results on your behalf and, if necessary, battle in court to secure the best possible results.

Whether you need to apply for child support, are required to pay, wish to modify, or enforce child support payments, an experienced attorney can help you.

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