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Philadelphia Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer. At our law firm, we represent tractor trailer accident injury victims and their families in personal injury and wrongful death claims.
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Philadelphia Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

Accidents Along I-95, the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Turnpikes, Route 76, and I-295 which involve semis and 18-wheelers are common occurrences. A collision with a large truck usually causes serious or Catastrophic Injuries. If you or a family member have been injured in a Trucking Accident, you need an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer to protect your rights. Even if you do not think the truck driver was at fault, you should speak still with a lawyer before you settle your claim.

At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., we represent truck accident injury victims and their families in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death claims. Our decades of experience involving these kinds of accidents mean that we know how to fight the trucking company for the compensation you deserve. To make an appointment with our New Jersey and Philadelphia truck accident lawyers, please call one of our offices or Contact Us online. Your initial consultation is free.

Special Considerations in Trucking Accident Cases

You may have tried to maneuver out of the way, but then a semi-truck or any other large commercial vehicle crosses into your lane or runs a red light, it may be almost impossible to swerve around the truck in time to avoid a crash. Commercial vehicles are typically larger than a regular passenger car that you may be driving. An 18-wheeler can weigh an astronomical amount of weight, and are notably much longer than a passenger car. A crash with a semi-truck, due to its size and sheer force, is more than likely going to result in catastrophic injuries.

Because passenger vehicles cannot withstand the size and weight of a commercial truck, injuries from these accidents may be catastrophic, or even fatal. We have experience with injury claims involving Spinal Injuries, brain injuries, broken bones, Amputations, Burns, and Disfigurement. When injuries are this serious, you will need compensation to cover extensive medical treatment, which may include long-term care. In Fatal Truck Accident cases, we will also argue for funeral expenses, and additional compensation to provide for the family in the future.

One of the most essential parts of a trucking wreck case is the battle with the trucking company’s insurance carrier. Most companies immediately dispatch an accident response team to the scene. Its job is to protect the company from exposure and expense, which in effect means proving the accident was not the truck driver’s fault.

We will combat their tactics by investigating the accident, reviewing driver logs for mile and hour violations, reviewing safety maintenance records for the vehicle, and checking into the driver’s record. Our attorneys know how to negotiate with insurance companies, and we are prepared to go to trial, should negotiations prove insufficient.

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